The Inspectors

The Inspectors

The Inspectors

This is your opportunity to benefit from a full analysis and assessment of your business, with positive and helpful advice from an industry specialist, that will put you on the right track to long-term profits and success.

It’s also your opportunity to see how your business shapes up against the competition and industry best practice.

The Inspectors is our business improvement programme – applicable to all sectors of the tourism, hospitality and leisure industry – which assesses your operation and gives you hands-on tailored guidance and support to help you ensure your business has a healthy and profitable future.

The Programme

The Inspectors programme – run over a series of half-day sessions at your business – covers 7 key areas:

  1. You and Your Team

    • Is your team as productive as possible?
    • Do they always do as you ask?
    • Are they delivering the standards you require?
  2. Your Products and Services

    • What is your offer and how can it be developed?
    • What are your standards of operation?
    • How do you deliver consistent quality?
  3. Your Customers

    • Are you attracting the customers you want?
    • How do you increase sales through customer loyalty?
    • How are you bringing in new markets?
  4. Mystery Shopping and Feedback

    • We will carry out a ‘mystery shop’ on your business – using a set of performance standards specifically tailored for you – and provide you with feedback
  5. Your Pricing and Promotion

    • How do you set your prices?
    • How do you manage your revenue?
    • How do you promote your business?
  6. Your Return on Investment

    • Are you getting the return you deserve?
    • Do you know where your profit is coming from?
    • Have you got a healthy, sustainable business for the long term?
  7. Your Business Improvement Plan

    • We will draw up a plan with you – and help you put it into practice!

How it Works

You must have watched TV before and wondered what it would be like to have a real-life inspector visit your business!

But we’re not talking about a quick makeover here. With The Inspectors programme we’ll give your business a thorough review and assessment – following our tried and tested 7-step approach.

Our inspectors are a team of dedicated tourism industry specialists – they’ve all run successful businesses in the sector before and have a proven track record in helping business owners and managers to drive up performance and profits. Everything they do with you and your business will be with this objective in mind.

What they don’t do of course is just ‘inspect’ – that’s the first step. What follows is tailored support and a whole range of solutions for your business. Our inspectors will know how your business should be performing and how it compares against the competition and best practice. They have a wealth of knowledge, ideas, tips and techniques to help you put the necessary improvements in place.

How and when we deliver the programme is up to you – it’s totally flexible to suit you and your business. Many clients opt for a series of half-day sessions with our inspector.

Let’s talk – the first step for us is to to hear more about your business and what you’d like to achieve.

Who is The Inspectors for? 

  • Owners and managers of tourism, hospitality and leisure businesses who want to raise standards, productivity and performance and stay ahead of the competition.
  • It’s for those who’d welcome a full assessment of their business to see how they shape up against industry best practice. It’s also for those who want to drive up the value of their business and make it more attractive to potential investors.

Who is it NOT for? 

  • Those happy with the current performance of their business – and who see little or no opportunities for improving standards and performance, now or in the future.
  • It’s not for those who aren’t prepared to share their financial and management information. Nor is it for anyone who isn’t open to new ideas or the concept of change – or to honest feedback about them and their business.

Next Steps....

For an initial conversation and more information, please telephone Paul Hickey on 01923 465522 or email

Following this, we’d be happy to arrange a meeting with you at your business so we can discuss The Inspectors programme in more detail.

By reviewing how your business is performing and listening to what you want to achieve, we’ll be able to design and tailor a programme to match your specific business needs.