Winning Awards

Winning Awards

Winning Awards

An award-winning business has a great advantage over its competition. Gaining recognition and a ‘seal of approval’ from a major sector organisation, can bring you significant sales and marketing opportunities.

There are a host of local, regional and national awards to consider. Awards for ‘best in category’ – like ‘best hotel’, ‘best restaurant’ or ‘best visitor attraction’ – as well as specialist awards for marketing, social media, team management and training skills.

There are also a number of awards for product and service quality from organisations such as the AA, VisitEngland and TripAdvisor.

We’ll help you to prepare your business  for winning an award. This could include working with you to raise your standards of customer service, lift the performance of your team or improve the overall quality of your product.

We can also help you make your case to the decision-makers – by showing you how to set out your evidence, hit all the criteria and stand out from the crowd!

The Programme

  1. Choosing the Award

    • Which award is best for you?
    • What benefits are there for your business?
    • What are the specific standards and criteria?
  2. Hitting all the Criteria

    • Putting everything in place – getting your ‘ducks in a row’
    • What are your strengths – helping you build on them
    • Where do you fall short – helping you bridge the gaps
  3. Bridging the Gaps

    • Meeting standards and targets
    • Staff training and development
    • Coaching the management team
  4. Making Your Case

    • Getting noticed – standing out from the crowd
    • Evidencing your achievements
    • Developing your presentation skills

How it Works

Let’s talk first – to discuss your aims and aspirations and the ways we could help you win recognition for your business, your people and yourself.

It may be that the award you have in mind is a target for next year, or the year after – and you realise that the business still has a little work to do in order to meet the criteria required.

We’ll work with you to implement a tailored plan to bridge all the gaps. This could include helping you to raise standards of customer service, improve product quality and staff training or plan an effective marketing campaign.

There are so many awards out there – how do you know which ones will benefit your business the most? As a first step, we will help you make the right choice – then work with you to give you every opportunity of being successful and winning!

If you are already achieving very high standards, and are ready to go ahead and enter your chosen award category, we can help you to finalise the details and present your business case in the best possible light.

Our tourism sector specialists know exactly what the judging panel are looking for – we’ll help you make your application as effective as possible, ensuring that you cover all the key information demanded by the judges and decision-makers.

Who is Winning Awards for? 

  • Proprietors, managers, directors and marketing specialists within the tourism, hospitality and leisure sector who want to raise the profile and performance of their business and gain a significant competitive advantage.
  • It’s also for business owners who are working towards a specific award and realise that they need to improve their standards first.
  • For tourism businesses that are already at the required level, but need help to bring everything together and present their case  – including how to answer certain questions on the application form, how much detail to include and how to get your business noticed.

Who is it NOT for? 

  • Those who are content with the existing profile and performance of their business – who see little or no commercial or personal benefit in entering award schemes and winning awards.
  • Those with a negative view – who believe that entering an award scheme is pointless or a waste of time because ‘the same old people’ or that larger companies with greater resources will always beat you to it.
  • Members of staff who have no responsibility or experience at management level and who are therefore do not have the authority to make decisions regarding standards of performance, marketing, or financial management.

Next Steps....

For an initial conversation and more information, please telephone Paul Hickey on 01923 465522 or email

Following this, we’d be happy to arrange a meeting with you at your business so we can talk through the Winning Awards programme in more detail. We’ll discuss your aims and aspirations, the awards available and best suited to your business – and how we can work with you to help you be more successful and achieve the recognition you deserve.