ProfitBuilder 2021

The aims of the ProfitBuilder programme are simple – to help you and your business recover from the pandemic, to rejuvenate your team, to improve productivity and performance … and to drive up your profits. 

We’ll achieve this by working with you and your management team, typically over an initial period of three to four months, to help really reinvigorate and sharpen performance in all areas of your operation.

The Programme

Day 1

  • The ProfitBuilder programme and your business – our objectives and targets
  • Bouncing back from the pandemic
  • Establishing key areas of responsibility with all management team members
  • Developing the new budget and targets

Day 2

  • Completing the budget
  • Setting individual and team objectives

Day 3

  • Finalising and agreeing the budget
  • Introducing effective cost control systems across the business
  • Setting cost control objectives with the team

Day 4

  • Reviewing the first month’s profit and loss report – actual to budget
  • Introducing wage cost controls
  • Introducing sales forecasting systems
  • Introducing daily analysis reports
  • Setting objectives with the team

Day 5

  • Reviewing the second month’s profit and loss report
  • Customer service and product standards
  • Sales and marketing review
  • Managing the reputation of your business
  • Reviewing the achievements of the programme

How it Works

Let’s speak on the phone first. We can also arrange to visit to learn more about your business and what you’re trying to achieve – all on a no-obligation basis.

We’ll discuss the impact the pandemic has left on you, the management team and your business as a whole. We’ll look at areas where improvements can be made and give you our projection of how much we can add to your bottom-line profits.

By assessing your current performance against a set of industry ‘norms’ we’ll be able to work out areas of potential cost improvement across all areas of your operation.

Our team of business coaches has worked with thousands of tourism, hospitality and leisure businesses around the UK – and with the key industry trade bodies – so we know what a top performing business in our sector should be achieving. Most importantly, we know what level of profits you should be generating from your business.

We’ll bring you and your management team together, following all the challenges of the last year or so, build a budget for the year ahead and set challenging but achievable targets for each area. Training and coaching sessions will reinvigorate them and give them the skills, confidence and enthusiasm they need to take responsibility for their own budgets within the business.

Please read the review on ProfitBuilder from Natalie Haywood, restaurant and wedding venue operator in Liverpool, here.  

Who is ProfitBuilder for? 

  • Owners and managers of tourism, hospitality and leisure businesses and their management teams.
  • Those looking to bounce back from the pandemic, reinvigorate their teams and return the business to profitability as quickly as possible.
  • Those who want to deliver improved performance and involve their key people in the process.
  • It’s also for those who want to drive up the value of their business and make it more attractive to potential investors. It could be ideal too for owners and managers who’d like to make the business less dependent on their presence in it all the time.

Who is it NOT for? 

  • Those happy with the performance of their business – and see little or no opportunities for improving their business bottom-line, now or in the future.
  • Those who want to keep 100% control of the business to themselves and, for whatever reason, may be averse to using quality procedures and controls – and to delegating to managers the responsibility for delivering financial targets.

Next Steps....

For an initial conversation and more information, please telephone Paul Hickey on 01923 465522 or email

Following this, we’d be happy to arrange a meeting with you at your business so we can discuss the programme in more detail. By reviewing the impact the pandemic has had on you and your business and listening to what you want to achieve, we’d be able to estimate what specific financial impact and benefits the ProfitBuilder programme could deliver for you.